Ausangate Treks

Ausangate Treks

Discover the Majestic Ausangate: Adventure Awaits with Andean Trekking Peru

Explore the heart of the Peruvian Andes with Andean Trekking Peru. Our Ausangate Treks offer an unforgettable adventure through one of Peru's most magnificent landscapes. The Ausangate Mountain, revered by the locals as a sacred entity, presents a mesmerizing mix of crystalline glacial lakes, vast pastures, and formidable peaks.

Ausangate Treks are perfect for those who crave a challenge and wish to immerse themselves in pure natural beauty. Each trek is designed to expose trekkers to the raw and untouched wilderness of the region. With Andean Trekking Peru, you will journey through remote villages, meet welcoming local communities, and witness wildlife in its natural habitat.

Our experienced guides ensure a safe and enriching experience, highlighting the cultural and natural significance of the areas you explore. Whether you choose a shorter hike or a longer expedition, Ausangate Treks with us are tailored to suit various levels of experience and fitness.

Join Andean Trekking Peru and embark on an Ausangate Trek that will transform the way you see the world. Connect with nature, challenge yourself physically, and return home with stories of the majestic Andean landscapes. Let your adventure begin here, and discover the magic of the Ausangate Treks.

Ausangate Treks Overview

The Ausangate Treks take you through some of the most spectacular areas of the Andes. These treks are not just journeys; they are an invitation to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Ausangate Mountain, standing at over 6,300 meters. Ausangate is considered a holy mountain by the local Quechua communities, and the treks around it offer a blend of both cultural richness and natural splendor.

When undertaking Ausangate Treks, travelers find themselves weaving through high alpine landscapes, past shimmering glacial lakes, and across vast pampas (grasslands) rich with Andean flora and fauna. These treks are renowned for their colorful landscapes, including the famed Rainbow Mountain, which is part of some Ausangate Treks. The challenge of these high-altitude hikes is rewarded with panoramic views and the chance to see rare wildlife, such as the Andean condor.

Travelers planning to embark on Ausangate Treks should be prepared for the physical demands of high-altitude hiking and the varying weather conditions that can include cold nights and sudden rainstorms. Ausangate Treks offer different routes, each providing an in-depth exploration of the region's unique environment and culture.

Ausangate Treks
Ausangate Treks

What to Expect on Ausangate Treks

Embarking on Ausangate Treks is an adventure that requires good physical condition, a spirit of adventure, and respect for the local culture and environment. The treks usually begin in Tinki, a small village situated about a hundred kilometers northeast of Cusco. From there, trekkers ascend into the mountains, where the paths lead through traditional Andean communities.

One of the highlights of Ausangate Treks is the opportunity to interact with the local Quechua people. Many trekkers choose to visit during one of the local festivals, which can provide a deeper insight into the community’s traditions and religious practices. The trek routes also feature natural hot springs, which are perfect for a soothing soak after a long day of hiking.

Ausangate Treks are best undertaken between May and November, which offers the clearest skies and the most stable weather conditions. It's essential to bring appropriate gear, including waterproof clothing, a good sleeping bag, and layers for cold weather.

For those looking for a profound connection with nature and an authentic cultural experience, Ausangate Treks are an unparalleled choice. Each step along these high Andean paths promises breathtaking views and a sense of achievement that resonates long after the trek is over.

Explore the Ausangate Treks With Our Experts

Andean Trekking Peru invites you to experience the Ausangate Treks, a premier adventure in the heart of the Andes. Our expertly guided Ausangate Treks are designed to provide an unparalleled journey through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth.

Andean Trekking Peru ensures that each trekker receives personalized attention, safety, and comfort throughout their journey. Our guides are local experts, fluent in both Spanish and English, and deeply knowledgeable about the regional culture and natural history.

Ausangate Treks with Andean Trekking Peru feature small group sizes to maintain quality and ensure a more intimate experience with nature. We organize everything from transportation, meals, and accommodation to providing high-quality camping equipment.

Our commitment to sustainable travel means that all Ausangate Treks are conducted with the utmost respect for the local environment and communities. This makes our tours not just adventures but also a support to the local economy.

Ausangate Treks
Ausangate Treks

Why Choose Ausangate Treks by Andean Trekking Peru?

Choosing Ausangate Treks by Andean Trekking Peru means embarking on a journey filled with awe-inspiring scenery and authentic cultural interactions. The Ausangate region is famed for its natural beauty, including towering peaks, vibrant turquoise lakes, and the iconic Rainbow Mountain. Trekkers will encounter wildlife, soak in thermal springs, and explore ancient pathways that have been traveled for centuries.

Our Ausangate Treks are tailored to fit a range of fitness levels and hiking experience. Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a motivated beginner, Andean Trekking Peru has a route that will suit your needs.

Our support teams handle all logistics, allowing you to focus solely on the experience. With Andean Trekking Peru, you are not just booking a trek. You are ensuring an adventure that is safe, eco-friendly, and deeply enriching.




The Ausangate Trek is considered adventure tourism. The road presents rock formations covered by ice tongues. This trekking route features many interesting sites such as the 7 Ausangate Lagoons, the Pacchanta Hot Springs, and the traditional path of the Pilgrimage to the Lord of Qoyllur Riti.

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Explore
  • Price 40$ - 100$
  • Categories Destination
  • Capital Cusco
  • Language Spanish. Quechua
  • Currency SOL
  • Time Zone UTC-5
  • Drives on the Left
  • Calling code + 51