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Whether you're an avid hiker or simply seeking an adventure of a lifetime, Andean Trekking Peru tailors each journey to your interests, ensuring a memorable exploration of this enchanting country.

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Discover the heart of the Inca empire with Andean Trekking Peru, where adventure meets history on the breathtaking trails of the Andes. Our carefully curated treks are designed to immerse you in the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Peru. With Andean Trekking Peru, you're not just a traveler, you become part of a story that dates back centuries, walking paths where history was made. Each journey is crafted to ensure an unforgettable experience, blending scenic beauty with authentic encounters.

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Andean Trekking Peru is an authorized travel agency dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences for both individuals and groups exploring Peru throughout the year. We believe in creating more than just tours, we create lifelong memories.

Our treks are meticulously planned and executed by a native Quechua guide, deeply rooted in the Andean community. With an education in tourism from Cusco and a rich experience of guiding over 250 treks in the last seven years, our guide ensures each journey is not just a trip, but a deeply personal exploration of the majestic Andes.

Andean Trekking Peru
Andean Trekking Peru

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Andean Trekking Peru

Journey through the heart of South America with Andean Trekking Peru, your premier guide to the majestic Peruvian Andes. Our passion for adventure and deep love for the natural beauty of Peru drives us to offer unforgettable experiences that go beyond the ordinary. With Andean Trekking Peru, you're not just exploring the Andes, you're immersing yourself in a world where every breath of crisp mountain air fills you with vitality.

At Andean Trekking Peru, we believe that the Andes are more than just a destination. They are a sanctuary of culture, biodiversity, and ancient history. From the iconic Inca Trail to the lesser-known but equally captivating paths like the Salkantay Trek and the Lares Trek, Andean Trekking Peru crafts experiences that cater to every adventurer's dream.

Safety and sustainability are at the core of Andean Trekking Peru. We are committed to preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Andes for future generations. Our guides are locals, seasoned in the ways of the mountains and fluent in both Quechua and Spanish, providing a bridge between you and the Andean world.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the magnificent Peruvian landscapes with Andean Trekking Peru!

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Andean Trekking Peru invites you to explore the captivating landscapes of the Cusco region, where the paths intertwine with the profound legacy of the Inca civilization. Our guided expeditions offer more than just a journey. They are a deep dive into the heart of Andean culture, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to trek through breathtaking scenery and ancient ruins.

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We offer adventure tours, surrounded by the incredible nature of the Cusco region. Tailored to your travel preference.

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Discover the magic of the Andes with Andean Trekking Peru! Our curated selection of tours is meticulously designed to offer an unparalleled experience of Peru’s breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and ancient heritage. From the iconic Machu Picchu Full Day Tour to hidden gems off the beaten path, our adventures cater to every type of explorer.


testimonial from our Clients

Jorge Iván G
Jorge Iván G
Se superaron nuestras expectativas, excelente servcio y don de gentes Somos de Colombia y estuvimos en Montaña de los 7 Colores, Humantay y tomamos el transporte a Machu Picchu con Andean Treckking, la experiencia fue excelente, los guías muy amables, con muy buena disposición, las expectativas sobrepasaron lo esperado, en general agradecidos por que nos hicieron sentir mejor que en nuestro país¡
Manuel M
Manuel M
Once in a lifetime experience It was throughout amazing! Everyday was perfectly organized by Edwin and Cesar, our guides. In those four days, I have seen and done so much without thinking about anything. I just could enjoy! I highly recommend Andean trekking and this tour! A once in a lifetime experience! Thanks again guys!
Jack N
Jack N
Great time on Rainbow Mountain and in the Sacred Valley with our guide and friend Edwin! We had an amazing experience with our guide Edwin! Hands down the best part of our trip to Peru was our hike to Rainbow mountain and getting to learn about the unique history and people. Edwin was a great tour guide and made us feel so welcome!
Martin Söderberg
Martin Söderberg
Highly recommend Andean Trekking Peru! Could not have picked a better agency! We did the inca trail and Machu Picchu 3rd to 6th of January and rainbow mountain on the 9th. We bad been looking forward to the trek for a long time and after some research we picked Andean Trekking Peru. Edwin, our tour guide, came to our hotel before the trek and made sure we had all the information needed and that we were prepared for the days to come. He also took time to show us Cusco. We could not have imagined a better experience during our 4-day trek. Edwin was genuine, well organized, had great energy, always happy and helpful, and he speaks very good english. We were amazed by his great knowledge about the local culture, history and nature. The team was always helpful, carried heavy loads for us, and prepared amazing meals every day. During the trek we had transient altitude sickness and Edwin made sure we were okay and adjusted the speed. Even though it was rainy season we had good weather every day. Some rain during nights only. A bit cloudy during days, which affected the view sometimes, but we still had some amazing scenery to look at. Temperatures was perfect to trek in, 10-20 ˚C. A bit colder during nights and we could have brought warmer sleeping bags. The last day of the trek we arrived in Machu Picchu, an experience that need its own chapter here, unbelievable in so many ways. Thank you Edwin and the crew for an adventure we will never forget!
Our day-trip to rainbow mountain with Andean Trekking Peru a couple of days later was also a very good experience!

//Elham and Martin
Uma experiência além da própria agência S2 Quero deixar registrada aqui a minha eterna gratidão à Sonia. Uma pessoa de um coração enorme e nos ajudou em alguns perrengues que passamos, mesmo não tendo nada a ver com a agência.
Uma guia maravilhosa que nos deu todo o suporte, e que agiu com um coração enorme, e não pensando apenas no dinheiro.

Agora falando dos passeios, podem fechar com eles pois vcs terão todo o suporte necessário!!!! E são os preços mais justos!!!!!

Sônia, gratidão e um beijo enorme da Denise, do Ricardo e da nossa pequena Maya.
Juan martinez C
Juan martinez C
Maras,Machupichu, laguna humantay Una empresa muy sería y cumplió con todo lo acordado, muy formales, ademas con buenos guias abiertos a cualquier pregunta, nos hospedaron en el hostal qorichaska, fue un lugar bueno para descansar, tranquilo y con buen desayuno antes de cada salida.
John Jones
John Jones
Muito boa a agência, motorista responsável. Fui de vam com eles para Macchu Picchu e foi muito bom. Motorista bem responsável no trânsito. A atendente da agência super educada e prestativa.
Robin W
Robin W
Great jungle trail The jungle trail with Andean Trekking Peru was the perfect way to get to Machu Picchu. Our guide Edwin was like a good friend for the trip, he speaks English very well and knows a lot about the jungle, the people and the culture in Peru. Everything was well organized and it was a lot of fun to go biking, rafting, zip lining and trekking.
Edwin even organized with the organization that my girlfriend could join us for the last day. She was sick and couldn’t do the jungle trail but thanks to Andean Trekking she joined the last evening (arrival by bus) and did Machu Picchu with the group. The agency does everything for you to have a great experience!

I highly recommend this organization and especially Edwin. Thanks a lot for the amazing experience.
Cécile E
Cécile E
Expérience inoubliable !! Avec ma fille nous avons faits deux treks avec cette agence. Le premier de 4 jours vers le Machu picchu et le second sur le lac Titicaca iles flottantes Amantani et Taquilé. C’était absolument fabuleux aussi bien avec Edwin que Sonia qui sont des guides très instruits et des personnes adorables. Quels souvenirs inoubliables grace à eux. Nous recommandons vivement cette agence sérieuse et familiale.
Manon De lrv
Manon De lrv
Amazing agency ! You won’t be disappointed! I travelled in Peru with my Mum and we did 2 tours with Andean Trekking Perú. Both amazing ! First, we did the jungle trail to Machupicchu. It was great ! We biked down a mountain and then went down a river rafting ! On the second day, there is a hike with some parts in the jungle and in the mountains. Our guide, and now friend, Edwin speaks really good English and knows everything about Peru’s culture, history etc. It was super interesting to spend 4 days with him, we learnt a lot and had a lot of fun ! He is everything you could expect from a guide ! And of course, on the last day, going to the Machupicchu was a dream. Everything was very well taken care of (accommodation, meals, trains and bus tickets...).
This experience with them was so great that we also did a 2 days trip to the Titicaca lake. Once again, everything was so well organised thanks to Sonia, our amazing guide on this trip. We got to visit the floating islands and spent the night on Amantani island, welcomed in a family’s house. The experience was really authentic!
Anyway, we really recommend to book your trip with Andean Trekking Perú. They are a family company, very nice and warm people, speaking great English and always looking after making you happy !

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