Legal Information

As a dependable tour operator, Andean Trekking Peru strictly follows both local and international travel standards, ensuring that your journey with us is both safe and credible.

We have a strong commitment to the protection of children and adolescents. Our stance is firm against any form of sexual misconduct, and we actively combat any illegal activities as defined in Law N° 29408, which is consistently applied across all our services.

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RUC: 20605120998
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Dirección: Calle Marques 231 Int. 115. CC Sotomayor. Cusco. 08000. Peru.
Responsible Tourism

At Andean Trekking Peru, we are unwavering in our fight against the sexual exploitation of girls, children, and adolescents. We dedicate ourselves to counteracting any unlawful actions in line with Law N° 29408 throughout every aspect of our operations.

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